Birmingham Medical Institute – sale of rare book collection

The July book auction at Dominic Winter’s rooms at South Cerney was given over to the second portion of the rare book collection consigned by the Birmingham Medical Institute.

Most of the books and pamphlets were published proir to 1820 and were on medical topics.

We received commissions from clients for a number of items and despatched our rare book man down to the Cotswolds.   Having identified the lots concerned the next task was to collate all the items. That is to check the books or pamphlets were complete, all pages present, no paper flaws affecting the text, no over-exuberant trimming by the binder. In fact as they rolled off the press.  This is an essential job as one cannot offer clients incomplete items.   We were lucky, all items were complete.  By end of sale we had purchased every lot and at 63% of the level agreed with our clients.   A good days work for satisfied customers.